Our mission is to support startups with global ambitions to innovate with purpose and scale with impact.


We invest in early-stage SaaS startups that fit our investment criteria and have the potential for global scaling. We back companies that apply disruptive technology and/or business models and can show measurable progress, such as proven sales, product market fit, and customer validation. Trends that are likely to increase market demand for the startup's products are another positive factor.

A competent team with skills, vision, and passion for reaching the goal is of utmost importance to us. We are not only interested in your work but also in what brought you together as a team, and what motivates you.

Our investment committee includes two Vibranium.VC GPs and one external expert. The final decision is based on company analysis, interviews with founders, and due diligence results. We seal deals in accordance with Delaware law, which we believe to be the best fit for both parties.

We are launching Fund II in 2024.
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