About us

Building a fast-growing company and entering the international market is an ambitious endeavor. We believe that only true champions can do it. As a venture fund, we find these gems early on in their development and give them the help and support they need to overcome the most challenging parts of the journey.

Our managing partners are serial entrepreneurs and investors with extensive experience in startups. In addition to the financial aspect, we are ready to offer our long-term expertise in startup acceleration, corporate innovation, soft-landing and business scaling. On top of that, we are embedded in a community of international and local market players. We’re not just about money – we’re about smart money with a network.

Our investment focus is on startups with global ambitions. We are mainly looking for technologically advanced IT solutions based on B2B business models and a high potential for rapid growth and scaling.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion
The Vibranium.VC team knows that there is an infinite number of winding paths to entrepreneurial success, and that none of them are easy. We believe in you, and we are here to make the difficult journey rewarding. At Vibranium Venture Capital we work closely with projects and founders originating from less represented demographics: women, refugees, immigrants, ethnic minorities, and so on. We believe that there is tremendous value in diversity, and that these kinds of companies, while meriting an individual approach, should be on equal footing with our other portfolio acquisitions. Every startup gets stronger with Vibranium.