Vibranium.VC closed a deal for $250,000
The fund invested in MotionRay - a platform for accessing the Internet anywhere in the world. This is a tech startup operating in the US, Europe, and China. Investments will be directed to the development of sales in the respective markets. Currently in this round the company raised investments totaling $350K from Vibranium.VC and Roman Tyan's NRGVentures funds.
MotionRay provides the most reliable connectivity for the best possible price customers, wherever they are, by leveraging Internet bonding technology. The simple, plug-n-play solution guarantees the delivery of mission critical data whether it is PoS transactions, video production feed, or a Zoom call with a grandmother. The long term vision is to leverage network effects of ecosystem adoption to establish a decentralized marketplace for (wireless) broadband at scale.

Today, MotionRay has among its clients: ATVENUE, SUPERLEAGUE, ABELCINE and many others.

MotionRay was founded in 2019. Founders are - Alexander Pestryaev and Yuri Bussel - experts in radio communications with a total experience in the telecom market for more than 30 years, and Anton Shmakov - a graduate of Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley, with experience both in startups and in leading technology companies such as Google and LinkedIn.

Zamir Shukho: “We liked MotionRay’s non-standard approach to solving the problem that exists on the small and medium-sized business market –smooth and easy net access. Especially, if we are talking about territories where there is no broadband connection, and everything works via satellites. The startup has a breakthrough technology, and now their main task is to build a sustainable business model in the US market.”

Kirill Timofeev: “Together with Motion Ray, we are entering a competitive race, because several players are simultaneously solving the problem of unlimited Internet access. These are large-scale projects for the development of satellite Internet, the work of authorities at various levels to introduce uninterrupted WiFi in large cities, and steps taken by mobile operators in this direction. But this only emphasizes the demand for the product. If in the 2000s the Internet was important as such, in the 2010s speed and mobility came to the front; then I may assume that in the 2020-2030s these two parameters are absolutized. It will become critical for users to get stable access to the network everywhere, of the same high quality and at an average price for cloud services”.

Anton Shmakov, CEO of MotionRay: "Raised money will allow us to satisfy existing demand, iterate on product and establish the foothold in the market"

Vibranium.VC is a venture capital fund with a focus on investing in fast-growing IT startups operating in various sectors of the economy and ready to enter foreign markets. The basic requirements for startups are the creation of a product in the B2B segment based on advanced technologies and the potential for rapid growth in global markets.

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