In July, Vibranium.VC added a new company to its portfolio by investing in the Intelligent Automation platform HuLoop Automation. For HuLoop, it's the fifth recent VC investment as the company aims to attract $4M in total in the Seed round.

HuLoop’s solution generates and manages a digital workforce to automate tasks and processes, freeing up human capacity for more valuable, cognitive work. HuLoop delivers huge client benefits – every $1 invested results in $20 ROI.

Zamir Shukho, Founder and General Partner at Vibranium.VC: “HuLoop Automation became the first portfolio company focusing on business productivity as we identify this direction as one of the key ones for our fund. We are happy to welcome HuLoop Automation on board and hope that the company will grow and succeed with our support. ”  

Prior to Vibranium.VC the company secured investments from Growth Factory, Rebellion Ventures, Nurture Ventures, and Team Ignite Ventures. This round of investments will be allocated 50/50 –  to innovation and go-to-market accordingly.

“We are thrilled to announce Vibranium Venture Capital's investment in our company. With their invaluable support, we're poised to redefine the future of work and revolutionize key industries worldwide,” said Todd P. Michaud, CEO of HuLoop Automation.

Among the key clients of HuLoop Automation are companies from industries such as Consumer commerce (retail, wholesale, hospitality, CPG), Financial services (banks, credit unions, collections agencies), and Software developers (product companies and enterprises).